A consideration on ASOS

This year, my relationship with ASOS has taken quite a hit.

Before 2020, I'd been a veracious consumer of ASOS curve clothing. As one of the few companies that offered sustainable fabrics and styles in an incredibly wide range of sizes, it'd been my main go to, fashion-wise.

But over the last few months I've heard some thing that have put a real halt on my spending. Between their lack of distancing protocol for warehouse staff during the COVID-19 emergency, use of payment companies like Klarna and requesting discounts from suppliers.

During COVID-19, I've found lists on twitter of companies that have really shown their true colours. To my mind ASOS has joined my 'avoid list' now.

By making their staff work in close quarters, with no hand sanitisers and with limited break time options (again ensuring high levels of contact with other staff). Also not paying sick pay for those with vulnerable family or housemates, either leaves staff in financial strife or putting family in danger.

Also, despite the company having done well financially last year, they asked for suppliers to drop prices by 3%. While some larger suppliers refused, many smaller ones had to concede to the large retailer. This sort of shitty treatment of suppliers concerns me on how they treat every layer of the company and I believe is indicative of some poor ethical decisions elsewhere too.

But I understand that I am a bit bias in regards to ASOS.

In the first week of 2020 I ordered a large haul of clothes (£300+). I almost always used to order more than I wanted to ensure I got sizing and fit right - something I'd often had issues with in the past.

So as per usual, I picked what I wanted to keep and packaged up the rest and returned it through Collect+ before work one day.

My items had come in two bags, as I returned them as such. A few days later, the money from one of the bags had been returned. But just one. I gave it a few days. It stood to reason that the bags may have gotten separated and could just be a little longer. But no luck.

I contacted the company and after several messages back and forth, we had come to an impasse. Somehow I'd lost the returns receipt. (Probably in the dash to get to work after returning the items.)

Without a proof of return (I admit entirely my fault for that part) I can't receive a refund for the missing items.

£120(ish) lost. For someone who works part-time in retail, you can imagine that it's not a great financial situation.

Frankly it was a huge blow.

I decided they weren't going to get any more of my money until I received my money back.

And, to be frank, I don't intend to shop there after all of this.

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