Shopping on a Budget

So, I love shopping and fashion. I always have.

But that shit is EXPENSIVE.

Especially when good quality plus size clothing is difficult to find and often costs more than the straight size range.

I've never been particularly flush with money. I've had several periods of unemployment, interspersed with low paid, low contract hour jobs.

Before that I was a uni student living off my student loan.

So I've always had to find alternative ways to curate my style. Luckily I come from a family that doesn't turn their nose up at charity shops and hand-me-downs. I can't imagine being brought up to look down on that sort of economising. (*ahem* Draco Malfoy)

My favourite cardigan is from my nan's twin, whom we lost last year, and every time I wear it it reminds me of her. Its super cosy and a little bit vintage-y.

With a little effort, there are so many ways to find the perfect bargains.

Charity Shops


  • Wide variety of styles

  • Can find items from past seasons

  • Vintage and designer items can be found in certain shops/areas


  • Sometimes can be difficult to find something that suits my style

  • Some charity shops charge quite a lot

  • Sometimes can be damaged/ a little smelly

Car Boot Sales


  • Potential for a wide variety of styles

  • Can find some surprising items

  • Can haggle on prices


  • Mostly only available in good weather

  • Sellers may only have a small array of sizes

  • Not always good quality/condition



  • Free!

  • Can be a great way to try new style for free

  • Great way to clear out a wardrobe


  • Can be quite worn by the time you get it

  • Sometimes I feel guilty turning down items because I don't like the style

Sales in shops


  • Good way to support brands you like for less

  • New items in current or recent styles.

  • A general sense of achievement for finding *that* item


  • Some sizes may have sold out in certain sizes

  • Probably the most expensive way on this list

Bargain online sellers (Wish/RoseGal/Romwe/Etc.)


  • Quite cheap

  • Rosegal has a (somewhat) decent plus size selection

  • New items in current or recent styles.


  • Generally bad fabric quality and poor stitching

  • Prices can wildly vary for sizes and styles

  • May be made in sweatshops/made by people not being paid a fair wage.

I also understand that online sellers (like eBay) is an option for some, but I've had so many bad instances with buying clothes on eBay that I don't really count it an option for me anymore. Most things were not the advertised size, Some xxxl's would only fit a size 10 and some have had bad stains and marks.

Overall I use a selection of these to build and bulk up my wardrobe.