Return from the Brink - New Look

Hello Darlings,

So last year, I wrote about New Look and how I'd been finding their plus range uninspiring and so clearly considered to be a burden to the brand.

They have changed. I'm so fucking happy to say.

I was mostly just desperately disappointed by their lack of interest, often throwing out generic, bland, single options for swimwear, underwear and any trend pieces. With no choices facing me I felt I had fully given up on them. I'd not bought anything without returning the whole haul for about 2 years. (The joy of online shopping!)

Then, a few months ago, I'd noticed a few bloggers and plus-size style influencers mentioning their pieces. It surprised me, but I checked their website and there had been such a change. I've since ordered some pieces that have become really firm faves (their black joggers are my favourite lounge trews).

All three tops are from new look.

I'm so happy that my mind has been changed, as I never want to feel like the plus size community is being ignored.

Other brands, like Primark, River Island and George (from Asda) have really improved and brought out ranges that are exciting, including awesome trend pieces and wonderful staples that look like they could actually survive more than one season.

I can't wait to see what else they'll all come up with and where they'll go next.


Artist, Writer and Photographer