Editing my Style

Hello Darlings,

I have ALWAYS loved fashion. I love looking into current trends and working out how to make it suit my personal style.

Style can hold such power. I love dressing to suit my mood.

Whether I feel soft and romantic or want to exude confidence and power, I can give myself a boost just by wearing certain clothes.

Some days it doesn't work. Nothing works and I feel wrong in my skin. I think everyone gets that.

But sometimes the right jacket, pair of shoes or accessories can make me feel the way I want to.

I've recently gone through old magazines, pictures of my style icons and saved images to build 4 distinct looks.

The Classic Luxe

Clean Lines. Essentials with a luxe twist. LBD's, black trousers, trench coats, blouses and flats.

Icons: Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Pope, Blair Waldorf, Veronica Lodge.

The Soft Romantic

Soft fabrics. Pastels mixed with dark shades, accessories galore. Pleat skirts, ballet pumps, camisole tops and fitted jumpers.

Icons: Dakota Fanning, Keira Knightly, Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel.

The Casual Rocker

Cool comfort. A blend of loose and tight clothing. Tartan Check, Ripped skinny jeans, loose tops, Chelsea boots and varsity jackets.

Icons: Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani, P!nk

The Formal Tomboy

Androgynous power-dressing. Comfortably Smart. Undone blazers, tucked-in shirts, tapered trousers and classic brogues.

Icons: Janelle Monae, Cara Delvingne, Kristen Stewart, Tilda Swinton.

One of my favourite things about this is that it means that my style isn't reliant on trends or dependant on spending huge quantities for a new season wardrobe. I can include specific pieces, but it is more up to my tastes and how well it'd fit within the existing looks.

Recently, many articles and shows have shown the damage fast fashion can cause environmentally, socially and in personal finances.

I personally believe capsule wardrobes or creating set styles and focusing on classic pieces can be a better way to create your wardrobe.

Here's to changing the way we style ourselves and creating a more sustainable world.