Pro's and Con's of Writing in Public


I've been writing various projects over the last year and one of the main lessons I've learnt is that I really struggle write at home.

Mostly I switch between the local cafe chains, but mainly sticking with my local Caffè Neros (they have ah-mazing air con in the summer).

Coffee shops do have drawbacks though, you have no control of your surroundings. The local library has a similar effect, but requests a level of quiet reverence. But, less coffee and snack access.

I've even looked into group office places, like NearDesk, there aren't many in Hertfordshire and I couldn't afford the services available.

Some blogs recommend bars and pubs, neither of which are really my scene... I've even tried hotel foyers before, which was a bit of a mixed bag. (Very echo-y)



  • Free Wifi

  • Access to Food and Drink

  • Can be great for inspiration


  • No control of your surroundings (screaming babies, barking dogs, people sitting too close, loud conversations and intermittent wifi)

  • Not affordable for everyone (I usually budget £10-£20 per full day)



  • Free WIFI in some areas

  • Quiet atmosphere

  • Access to resources (books and printers, etc)

  • Generally cheap or free


  • Some areas try to charge through the nose for WIFI access

  • Can be a little stifling

Office Space


  • Free WIFI in some areas

  • Quiet atmosphere

  • Can design/plan the space to your needs


  • Very expensive

  • Can be a little stifling

Community Centre


  • Free or cheap access

  • May offer good inspiration from people watching

  • May have access to drink/food


  • May not have wifi or it may cost

  • Can be a loud depending on who is there.

As I try out different areas, I've found these pros and cons can vary with each excursion. My current haunt is a local coffee shop in a supermarket, as it is less busy. Also Coffee. I've even started to budget for food and drink with a day's writing.

I've even tried to write at home, but found it quite difficult to focus.

Speak soon.


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