A Return to Cinema

I haven't been to the cinema since I was 19. I got so nervous and panicky that I haven't returned.

Until last week.

Wix Image of a Cinema Interior

Going out to places like bars, theatres and cinemas have set me on edge for a long time and I've been working to push my boundaries.

I've written posts before on my discomfort at certain venues.

I hate the fact I struggle to visit those places (and others). It's been such a big deal to me; going to the cinema was one of my new years resolutions.

I've tried to go several times over the last 2 years but couldn't go through with it.

And whilst I understand that anxiety can manifest itself in strange ways, it doesn't always help with dealing with it.

For the record, I went to see Avengers:Infinity War. And it was SOOOO good!

I forgot how the cinema elevates the tension and improves the viewing experience.

I planned it really carefully. After catching up with all the other marvel films available, I planned my seats, chose a time that would guarantee an almost empty cinema and spoke to friends and family about the visit (ensuring that the plan was known and gaining the support I needed).

I even treated myself to a vat of popcorn.

Wix Image of Cinema Popcorn

Turns out, if you go to the cinema at 2pm on a Thursday, chances are there'll be almost no-one in there with you.

Over the next year, I hope to continue pushing my boundaries and doing things that scare me.


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