I'm Back.....(again...)


I've returned. I'm sorry I've been away for so long. Last year ended in a chaotic muddle.

The lead up and event of one of my best friends' wedding was wonderful and all encompassing, and was quickly followed by a Christmas in retail.

This January has been all about sorting everything from last year out, which involved a lot of trips to charity shops with bags of clothes, home decorations and crafting supplies.

January was also about recouping. I'd drained myself of all energy and enthusiasm by the end of December.

February was all about the planning.

Setting up the new blog, sorting out career plans and going to a life coach.

I started writing more often and even got into a bit of a routine.

Then March happened. I got major creative block. It even made posting on social media difficult.

A short holiday to visit a friend too lots of driving preparation, as I'm relatively new to driving long distances.

Over April I've tried to get back into creative tasks like painting and writing but struggled constantly.

I also put a lot of effort into sorting out my health (physical and mental).

This month has been so busy at work, I've often felt like there's not space for anything else other than sleep. I've been finding that I am preoccupied my work so much that most of my conversations lead back to work (which is boring for my family and friends) .

But I am determined to get back into this. I hope to regularly post on The Briar Fox Blog and my new blog (which I'm still looking for a decent name for)

I have several posts prepared and am super excited to begin blogging again.

Onto the breach my dear friends.


Artist, Writer and Photographer