Three Fictional Characters

Hello Darlings,

I love the three fictional characters tag.

Partially because I love being able to see myself in different characters, although I don't find it often.

Over the years I have found a few brilliant representations, though.

Very rarely do I find characters from TV and Film that represent me, so my list is book based.

Chubby, Glasses and frizzy hair? Just like Ellie

Ellie Allard (Girls in Love)

Ellie was me in my teen years. Almost to the last little detail. Different home lives, but otherwise, well.

I was a creative type with frizzy hair and low self esteem. Prone to telling little white lies and doodling everywhere.

I had problems with body image and food. I was aware that my friends were more popular with the lads in our school.

To be honest, it was the first time I felt represented and I clung to her character for a form of support, especially after her brush with eating disorders and how it accurately describes a fight against in in the earlier stages.

I was absolutely heartbroken when they made the TV show and cast a slim, tall and straight haired actress to portray the average height, slightly overweight frizzy haired Ellie. I felt all the representation lost and never watched the series.

Maggie (Conversation with a Fat Girl)

I read this Book when I was around 18.

It taught me to not let my self-consciousness stop me from doing things. Whenever I feel I need the message I re-read it.

Maggie is another plus-size woman, a graduate scared to take the leap to work in her preferred field, avoiding rejection by not doing anything and generally just stuck in her life. She realises that for all the complaining about it, there are actions she can take.

It's the book that gives me a kick up the arse to take action and apply for that role/upload that YT video/write that script.

Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

I had a really hard time thinking of the 3rd character, so I thought of my weaknesses and strengths. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm a terror for procrastination. Ron is such a procrastinator that it becomes a running joke.

I'd like to think that i'm also loyal as fuck too. And I hate spiders.

Lazy and hates Spiders? Ron Weasley Much?

I don't dare look to hard into what the choice in characters says about me.

Probably not the best things, but they all show growth and learn through the course of their journeys.

So at least there's that.

Which 3 characters are you? Post in the comments.

Have a bloody wonderful day Darlings.


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