February Favourites

Hello darlings,

I really struggled to remember what I enjoyed this month. Partially due to the fact that I am writing this in late April and I have horrendous memory. (Oops...)

But overall in Febuary I struggled. My routine changed quite suddenly and I overcompensated with treats to perk myself up. Some were investment treats (Sims expansion pack) whilst others became a regular occurrence (Stabucks Lattes).

My Ripped Vice Jeans from Missguided

Plus size//Skinny Jeans//Missguided Vice Jeans

Dear lord, I bloody love these jeans. They're perfectly stretchy, super comfy and they made me look like a gorram badass.

I have been wearing them so much that I'm worried that they'll wear through eventually.

My only problem with them is that every time I pull them up, I have to pull them up at the knee first to prevent the knee rips getting bigger.

But that doesn't bother me enough to stop wearing them.

Old Punk Pop Music

Spotify playlist full of punk pop/ska/rock

Whilst the world goes towards the political right, I have been listening to old punk songs from my youth to cheer me up.

Particular faves have been Dinosaurs will die by NOFX, Dear Jesus by Jesse James, Minority by Greenday and Killing in the Name of by Rage against the Machine.

I have made a Spotify Playlist called 'The Briar Fox's Punk Youth'

Its mostly songs I loved from the ages of 10... I was a small punk child. With baggy jeans and Punkyfish and Airwalks. Seriously.

Starbucks Creme Brulee Latte

Starbucks' Butterscotch Brulee Latte taken from the Starbucks website

Its so goddamn good. It's a seasonal drink that pops up every so often. Also marvellous. 'nough Said. I had at least two a week in February.


Sims 4 Vampire expansion pack

Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack

I love the Sims games. I've been playing since I was 13/14 and I have now had every iteration of the games.

This expansion pack was one that I was counting down the days to.

I love the options, especially the home decor available on this game pack.

My one complaint is that the packs cost an awful lot for what is in them. The old versions of the games had much more for your money.

The Vampire Pack is fantastic; with lots of options on what powers your vampires can have, the fashions and furniture have a wonderful Victoriana style and you can even choose the vampiric facial features (whether you choose a buffy style vampire or more a being human vamp look).

Yoga Classes

Wix stock image of a woman doing yoga

My local council runs exercise classes for women to encourage more women to get into sport.

The classes have all been wonderful and this month I joined the yoga class. It was wonderful, very soothing and reminded me that I need to look after my body. I miss the flexibility I had when I used to regularly go to yoga and I really want to add it to my routine.

If you're from Hertfordshire, then We Moves, She Moves could be worth a look.

Beauty Subscription Boxes

GlossyBox (March)
BirchBox (March)

So I ordered boxes from Birchbox and Glossybox. I love both.

These were a late purchase this month and I'm so glad I got them.

I bought both because I decided to treat myself, but couldn't decide what to buy...

Hopefully March will fare much better. I can't wait to see what comes of it.

Have a wonderful day, Darlings.