What I'm Rocking... in January

Hello Darlings,

This is a segment I've been planning for absolutely ages, but never gotten round to.

I love seeing people's personal style and whilst lookbooks are great (hopefully I have one coming out in the next few days) I like the idea of someone's fashion changing over the course of a year.

'What I'm Rocking...' will be a series of snapshots of my most worn outfits of the month, showing the evolution of my wardrobe over the year.

This month it's been bloody cold, so my outfit choices have been based on warmth and comfort.

I got an amazing deal from Missguided in the January Sales, getting a pair of ripped-knee jeans and a black peacoat for about £30 which is pretty bloody amazing. I am now obsessed.

The coat is super warm although I can't do it up because every time I try the buttons drop off (despite the coat not being that tight on me).

The jeans are awesome. They're super comfy and look amazing. I have had a few people glare at my knees sticking out of my jeans but I usually just smile and ignore them.

For my birthday my Nan got me some black Airwalks which have been fantastic over winter. Skater Trainers are generally warm as they have a lot of padding and it makes them feel super cushion-y and comfortable.

Double Breasted Coat - Missguided

Oversized Jumper - Yours Clothing

Vice Ripped Knee Jeans - Missguided

Skater Trainers - Airwalks

Bag - Accessorize

I have been wearing my favourite oversized jumpers this January and TBH, with all the comfort eating and Christmas chocs I've been having, they may not be all that oversized soon.

I'm loving the layering opportunities but looking forward to the warmer months this year.

Will write soon Darlings,


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