January Favourites

Hello, Darlings.

So this year I have decided to celebrate all of the things I love and anything that has made my life a little more positive.

This is definitely a little later than I wanted to post, but I have have been struggling with tiredness recently (damned anaemia).

So without further ado...

My Cafetiere

I love it!

One of my best friends got me this for Christmas along with a collection of flavoured ground coffees, and OMFG...

I generally mix a bit of a flavoured one with some decaf ground coffee to reduce my caffeine intake.

It is definitely a bit of a bother to clean out, but worth it in my opinion.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are amazing for dry/stressed skin.

I personally adore them because they are super easy to put on/take off and feel like a really luxurious treat.

I got mine from TK Maxx in their beauty section. I now have about 15 different masks and am super excited to try them throughout the next few months.


Some days I turn to Instagram to look for body positivity and Megan is amazing advocate for the inclusive bopo community.

Her instagram page lifts me up when I'm feeling awful and self concious.

She has introduced me to some other amazing people in the bopo community and regularly recommends people with a smaller following.


In January, I made the decision to move my blog over to to Wix from Blogger.

I had quite a few issues with blogger and found myself struggling with the layout and look of my blog.

Wix is much better for design and style which is perfect for any temperamental perfectionists like myself. I can drag and drop any section and the templates look really sleek.

I ended up writing a full review because I realised I had written a whole post just about them.


#Resist - from blog.meetup.com

This month has been a bit dramatic in the political world. A giant Fart with Tiny Hands became the Leader of the United States of America and within eleven days had;

  • began the dismantling of the Affordable Health Act (which will impact negatively on millions of Americans that depend on it)

  • Attempted a ban on any travel by people from 7 (predominately Muslim) countries for 90 days including greencard holders (not including countries his companies happen to do business with)

  • refused to release his tax returns

  • claimed a 'running war' with the media and claiming fake news on anything he doesn't like.

  • his team have created 'alternative facts' (re- lies)

  • hired his son-in-law as senior adviser despite his apparent lack of valid experience.

This has left people fearing for the future and instead of hiding away many protests have covered the world. #Resist has become one of the symbols of the movement against hate and fear brewing in many countries.

I'm proud and encouraged by the protests and the actions of many to protect others from a President who spreads hate and fear.

Some of my faves have been quite frivolous and others have been a bit more serious, but each have warmed my heart in different ways and I hope they can be of some help to you.

have a bloody wonderful day, Darlings.