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Hello Darlings.

In January, I made the decision to move my blog over to Wix from Blogger.

I had so many issues trying to design my blog the way I wanted with Blogger and spent so many hours on many different occasions fighting with different templates and the layout page that eventually I looked for another option.

I found lots of blogs recommending wix or weebly and had a look at both, finally picking Wix because of how slick the templates looked.


The design is so easy to get right (drag and drop) and there are lots of options for pre-made styles or a DIY version if you prefer.

It is pretty easy to share any posts on social media and the app is pretty good for when I'm on the move (although I generally have to edit the post on my PC after).

It comes with a stock collection of photos, which are fantastic and would be great for those not interested in doing your own photography.


The prices range from free to £18.69 a month.

Buying the yearly subscription will be cheaper overall - although I'm on a monthly plan at the moment.

I'm finding that the basic package works well enough for me at the moment, but feel glad that I can upgrade easily when needs be.

The free package doesn't allow you to connect your own domain name and visible ads will be shown.

With the cheapest packages, ads for wix will be shown.

After that advertising vouchers and marketing strategies are the main benefits to the pricier packages.

SEO and Marketing

Wix offers various apps that help with SEO techniques, email marketing and analytics to name a few.

Most apps are available to both free and premium plans, although some are premium only.

All of the apps have little 'show me how' or 'tell me more' links to help you through each process. I've found this so helpful as I was really a beginner when I started using this site.


This is a great website builder for those who need a little help in some areas -especially when it comes to building views.

That does reflect in the costs, but from my perspective to basic package isn't too expensive for what I have been able to gain from the support and advice on this site.

If you are somewhat of a perfectionist, you can control how everything looks, which I absolutely LOVE!

When looking for a new blogging website I found these reviews so valuable. I hope that this has been of some help to anyone in a similar situation.

Chat later my darlings,


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