Obligatory New Year's Resolutions...

Hello Darlings,

So New Year's Resolutions.

Every year I create a list so long it would be impossible to complete it, or I refuse to make any.

This year I have decided to go with a more moderate approach.

I'm not going to lie, last year was utter shit. Unbelievably shit. And the thought of allowing that to continue is abhorrent to me.

So this year, I have a little list of three resolutions, hopefully going to improve my life - even if it is a tiny detail.

The Main One - SELF CARE!

This is SO important.

Over the last year, my mental health has gotten worse and I have really struggled.

I need to look after my mind and body if I want 2017 (and the rest of my life) to get better.

I am going to learn how to be more capable and able.

I have made a blog at briarfoxmeandersat.blogspot.com about improving my health. It will include fitness, food, mental health posts and body positivity.

I will try to be as open as possible in this.

Should A Thing Already - Eco-Friendly

I am terrible for using disposable products - face wipes, cotton pads, and packaged food just to name a few....

This year I have decided to change that.

I watched a buzzfeed video about reducing waste. It was really eye opening.

This year I am going to try not to use:

Face wipes

Cotton pads

Paper Coffee shop cups

Packaged Fruit and Veg

Plastic bags for snacks.

Making My Life Easier - Budgeting

This one is so obvious and useful.

I have had so many instances when payments have come out (late or early) and I have been left without enough money. Not Good.

I will admit, I started this one back in October but I really need to do this more.

I'm going to set myself vague spending budgets and ensure I know whether I have paid for stuff (or if it's still waiting to come out of the account).

I am looking forward to the new year and new opportunities. I shall keep you up-to-date with how these go.

Ta-rah Darlings,

Have a bloody lovely day.

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