Instagram Inspirations

Hello Darlings.

Just a little update today...

...So, I'm a little hooked on Instagram....

I love the body positive (#bopo) community's presence on it and I definitely feel that I have become more self confident. I now wear clothes that I didn't dare to previously and I am so proud of myself for that.

There are a few accounts that have definitely helped me, so without further ado....

Bree Kish

Mel Parrish

Iskra Lawrence

Tia Provost

Felicity Hayward

Jewels M

Cailey Darling

Healthy is the New Skinny


They are plus-size models and body positive advocates that have inspired me to wear what I want, feel confident and try to get involved in plus-size modelling.

I recommend checking them out and finding even more awesome people from the body positive community.

Have a marvellous day and be good to yourselves. x

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