Do you want to go to the seaside?

(I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go...)

Hello Darlings, Back again...

A few weeks ago, I travelled down to Devon for a weekend to visit some family with my parents and my Nan. It was a really long journey down there (almost 7 hours) and we got stuck in traffic a few times but eventually arrived in the seaside town of Beer about 8:30 in the evening.

The town was very quaint and pretty, and there is an absolutely marvellous pub near the beach.

(we ended up visiting twice in the 2½ days we spent there.)

The next day we walked down to the sea front and I took a few photographs, until I realised they had all wandered off back to the town.

After walking back to the village, we drove a little way to Seaton to for a day with the Family.

Seaton is a lovely town, busier than Beer, and much flatter. This was great as it meant that we could all go for a walk along the seafront without it being too strenuous for anyone.

The cliffs, we were told, are full of Jurassic fossils of ammonites and other sea creatures and we decided to visit the new Seaton Jurassic Centre nearby.

It is a great place for kids (or people with a huge interest in fossils and geology, willing to join in on silliness and play games)

Possibly not for all in our group of 6 adults, but the set design was an amazing mix of undersea steampunk and the information was clear and concise, with fantastic games and activities for children.

It wasn't too expensive at £8 for a year's admission, with a cute cafe and lots of upcoming events.

For those wanting to visit,

After that we had a day in Lyme Regis, which I loved but was quite hilly and aggravated bad joints in some of our party. Again, there was a lot of Jurassic fossil places, but mixed with lots of cute shops and cafes as well. It was exceedingly busy on the Bank Holiday Sunday we visited and took most of the day finding parking spots, looking around shops and searching for somewhere (without a ½ hour queue) we could get lunch from.

We travelled back on the Monday and had an uneventful journey back home.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Beer and the surrounding areas.

Will write Soon, Darlings


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