Caffeinated Writing

Hello Darlings,

First of all it has been a wonderful day today.

Last year I realised that I am awful for procrastinating and I have really been trying to change that.

So, over the last year, I began to go to local coffee shops to write, whether it is for the blog, scripts or just organising my week.

I love it because I feel like I have really done something when I go. I have written and planned many blog posts and short stories (although I may have to find a new location as they all revolve around coffee shops now) and have been feeling rather organised of late.

Also I get to Instagram my coffee (and sometimes a treat) which is definitely a obsession of mine now...

I definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a bit of space and time, even if they only write a to-do list or spend the entire time looking stuff up on google, it might get you started...

Have a lovely week darlings,

I shall leave you with some of the many coffee pictures from over the last twelve months.


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