Style Steal - Ariana Grande

Hello Darlings,

Today is the Ariana Grande Style Steal - I'm so excited!

It took quite some planning and a few choice purchases, but it is done!

The photos aren't ideal but I have been using a tripod and timer setting to get pictures - instead of managing to get someone to do the photography for me...

Initially the look was a crop top, short skirt and heels with a purple wig and cat ears - inspired from Ariana in multiple appearances and the Focus music video in 2015.

To be honest, I did feel a little silly posing in the Garden with the purple wig on (as you can see by how uncomfortable I look), so I gave up with that, but other than the cat ears, almost everything else is part of my usual style now.

The cat ear Headband and the stiletto heels (unseen) are from New Look.

The skirt and tights are from Yours Clothing.

The tops are from Primark and the bra accessory is from Fated.

This look is fantastic for Summer and with a jacket would be brilliant for Autumn or Spring.

For the make-up, I tried a simple contour and cat eye with over-lined lips using liquid matte lipstick.

I love this style as it's cute but super easy to wear, and it is definitely considered (by quite a few people) something that a plus-size woman isn't expected to wear.

I had so much fun with this photoshoot, but I tripped so many times dashing between the camera and where I was posing. If one of the neighbours had seen, I would be so embarrassed.

The next Style Steal should be Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine.

Au Revoir, Darlings, and have a bloody lovely day.

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