Introduction to the Style Steals.

Hello Darlings,

Today I’ll be taking about something that I would love to develop into a regular series. Style Steals are something I have been fascinated with recently, and I decided to start creating my own for plus-size women.

I love fashion, but previously it hasn’t been accessible for plus-size people. The are so many ‘rules’ for women in fashion, magazines claiming that you shouldn’t wear certain items over ridiculously specific sizes and ages and it pisses me off, to be honest.

Growing up I always wanted to wear these sorts of clothes, but was told they didn’t “suit me” E.g. Crop tops, short skirts, pleather trousers (I was a 90’s kid).

I used to wear baggy jeans and hoodies because I wanted to hide my body. Then when I was 18, I saw this super confident plus-size woman wearing a skirt and absolutely fucking rocking it. I decided I was going to wear what I damn well liked.

It has taken a long time for me to feel comfortable wearing short skirts without leggings under, or to wear just leggings on their own. But I am there now. I generally wear tights with dresses as a cheap way to prevent chaffing and hide scarring on my legs (generally due to clumsiness).

I am super excited to begin this project and build it into something awesome over time!

The first post will be an Ariana Grande Style Steal that I have been wanting to do for ages...

I hope you have a fantastic day,

Write later Darlings.

A little preview...

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